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Mobile Vet Services

Arthritis Injections

Arthritis can happen at any age but generally it is seen in older animals. If your pet has stopped wanting to jump up/down or struggles getting out of bed these are all signs they may be suffering from arthritis. The vets will assess your pet and discuss which options are best to try for your pet


Anal Gland Expressing

Is your pet scooting along the ground and are up to date with worming or can you smell a metallic smell coming from their bottom? These are signs of full anal glands which is more common in smaller breed dogs.

The anal glands are the reason dogs smell each others bottoms when they greet each other. In the wild these glands smear a liquid with a unique smell to each dog so they can mark their territory so other packs know an area is already taken.

Giving high fibre foods like pumpkin and carrot can help empty the glands naturally

Ear and Eye Issues

Is your pet shaking their head or rubbing their ears along the ground or have dark smelly discharge coming from their ears? These signs could mean they have something wrong with their ears and may need medication. The vet will take a swab and have a look at the discharge under a microscope to see what the problem is.

Does your pet squint or have abnormal discharge from either eye or does the eye look red or blue? These signs could mean there is something wrong with their eye which may need medication

General Health Exam

Includes tip to tail examination of your pet and discussion of their history and background

Home Euthanasia and Cremation

At this sad time it is easier to say goodbye to your loved pet in the comfort of your own home.

Sedation will be used first so your pet is comfortable.

The Visiting Vet uses Edenhills (webpage) for cremation services and arranges everything for you, including taking your pet away and returning their ashes back to you.


Microchipping is the best chance your pet has of being reunited with you if they ever escape or get lost

Nail Clipping

Do you find it hard to clip your pets nails? Let us do it for you 

New Pet Consultation

Double the time of a normal consult

Getting a new pet is exciting, we can come to you and spend an hour to discuss your new pets requirements, answer all your questions you may have and give advice on caring for your new pet

Pet Food & Supplies

A large variety of pet food and supplies such as bowls, coats, beds and collars are available


Skin Issues

Does your pet have a rash that just will not get better or something abnormal like a lump or wart you want checked out? The vets will assess the area and perform tests if needed so they can determine what is causing the problem


Puppies & Kittens - Initial course &/or booster vaccinations
Dogs & Cats - Yearly or 3 yearly booster vaccinations available



Vaccine Blood Titre Testing

To check levels of parvovirus and distemper levels in the blood of dogs, which will determine if your pet requires a vaccination

Worm Treatments

There are many different types of worming products on the market. We will find which product suits you and your pet best. 

The vets can also give your pet the yearly heartworm injection if needed

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