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Cat Care

Basic Health Check

Help ensure your cats longevity, happiness and quality of life

Diseases and Vaccinations

Information on protecting your cat against common dog diseases

Eye Care

How to help keep your cats eyes healthy

Dental Care

How to help your cat have healthy teeth and gums throughout their lives


Simple guidelines to help ensure your cats comfort and behaviour


How to tell if your cat may have an allergy, and an introduction to some treatments

Your senior cat

Tips on how you can both enjoy this stage in your cats life to the fullest

Household Dangers

Tips on how to pet proof your home and help avoid poisoning

Ear Care

A simple guide to help check your cats ears an avoid painful infections


Information on the diagnosis and treatment of this important disease

Fleas and Ticks

Prevention tips to help avoid infestation on your pet and your house


An overview of the signs to look for, and some available treatments to discuss with us



How to help deal with the loss of a pet


Most parasitic infections can be  easily prevented

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